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As of October 31, 2014, we have reached 25% of our monthly donation goal! Below is a video of Justus presenting the update:

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As of October 3, 2014, we have reached 10% of our monthly donation goal! Thanks to Sean Sullivan, Kelly Chavez, and Candice Linn for your monthly commitments, and to Steve and Madia Bowman and James Baird for giving donations toward this need. Your commitment to Michael and the Nehemiah Foundation is very much appreciated.

Monthly Donation Graphic

Michael’s daughter Amity drew up the graphic on the left, illustrating where we are currently with monthly giving toward Michael’s salary.

We wanted to reiterate that any monthly or one-time amount is helpful to us. It doesn’t take a huge amount to make a big difference. If you think about it, most of us spend more than $100 a month on cable, internet, and entertainment. The Nehemiah Foundation is one of the only organizations in existence that is working systematically and practically to change the way Christian art is produced and received—so that the arts in the church can be revitalized for the cause and kingdom of Christ. Isn’t that worth at least as much as we already spend on the world’s art? (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink…)

If you are interested in giving, here are the relevant links again, but be sure to read Justus’ original post (below) for more detailed information.

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Original Post:

Friends, fans, and family,

This is Justus. I have a favor to ask of you. Let me share:

Since starting the Nehemiah Foundation for Cultural Renewal with his dad in 2008, Michael has poured most of his extra time into its mission of facilitating the creation of excellent Christian art. Many artists and viewers (myself included) can attest to his diligence, self-sacrifice, and determination to equip artists in the mission of calling the world to Christ through artistic means.

Of course, he worked day jobs in order to provide for his wife and growing family. Well, not long ago he had half of his workload cut, leaving him in dire need of auxiliary employment. We wondered if he could continue working at the Nehemiah Foundation at all, because of the work he would have to find to support his wife and four children, with one more on the way!

But then we realized this is not a curse, but a blessing. I strongly believe that God, by taking half his workload away, is providing a way for Michael to transition to working at the Nehemiah Foundation full time. If he could dedicate half of his workday to this cause, we could enable countless more Christian artists to fulfill their calling and reach so many more with the beauty of the gospel.

Michael will continue working his first job, which requires a few hours a day and covers a percentage of his costs. In order to supply the rest of his costs, we need to raise $2,000 per month. If we can raise that amount, Michael can spend more than 100 hours a month on the Foundation, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much he can accomplish with that much time!

So please, if you can, help share this burden by investing a monthly (or one-time) donation. It is a crucial step in our growth. We need Michael so much, and are praying that you will help provide this for him, for the Foundation, and for our calling to rally the church to praise God more beautifully with her art.

If you decide you want to help, you can make donations via credit card to the donation button at the bottom of this note, or you can write a check to “NFfCR” and mail it to:

980 Riverside Road
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

Donors who give $50 or more per month will be added to our “Patron” circle and can get a free item of their choice from the Foundation’s store. Donors of $100 or more will get the same, but can also enter to win a little piece of our history: the one and only original of Michael’s watercolor on woodburn*, which he made for Brock’s Folly’s first CD. It is pictured below:

Cathedral Woodburn

Because of our 501(c)3 status, your donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Even if you can’t give right now, I think it would be a great encouragement to Michael to share this plea and mention how Michael has blessed you, either through his work with the Foundation or in general. In fact, I’ll start off:

Michael took his whole family to Dayton, TN the week after Christmas for ten days to record my band, Brock’s Folly, at no charge. Ever.

Your turn,

Patron Giving Options

You can also make a one-time donation here.

*As a side note, the value of the woodburn will have to be deducted from the winner’s tax-deductible total.