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  • Warbler-Cover

    Warbler (CD)

    When you hear the name Warbler, think of a folk-programmed bionic song-bird perched on the fresh rubble of a musical Apocalypse. Warbler’s self-titled album, the sophomore effort of singer/songwriter Sean Sullivan, is an enjoyably off-putting cocktail of pure organic spirit set on electric fire. Check out the Warbler page and listen to some tunes.

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  • Without Reservations

    Without Reservations (CD)

    Without Reservations is the first record by Micah Stout, released a few months after his death in January, 2010. Ranging from folk to electronica, the cohesive ingredient of this album is authenticity. Compelling lyricism and imaginative musicianship: a fitting memorial of Micah Stout’s continuing legacy. Check out his page and listen to some tunes.

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