Sponsor Creation

We believe Christian artists should be funded up front, and that they should have creative freedom within a supportive and accountable community. If Christian artists are going to pursue their calling freely, patrons are needed to support their efforts. That’s why we started an artist sponsorship that is supported by our Patron Community.

Project Fundraisers

We crowdfund most of our artists’ projects, taking the financial burden off of them, and allowing their fans the chance to be a part of bringing their art to fruition. Check our Kickstarter page to see if we’re currently running a campaign. Also, subscribe to our email newsletter, and follow us on Facebook, to be sure you know as soon as we start a new one.

Our Patron Community

If you want your support to be felt beyond the scope of one art project, please consider joining our Patron Community—a circle of donors committed to funding the liberation of Christian creativity. If we’re going to continue supporting Christian artists, we need regular supporters! Would you consider pitching in so that we can continue this crucial work?

How we sponsor artists:


Artists are often overlooked for discipleship because of their eccentricities. We have been honored to encourage godly artists in their faithful walk with the Lord, and secondarily, in their calling as artists.


Good artists are always thirsty for helpful feedback. Surprisingly, it’s a hard thing to come by! We try to offer constructive criticism anytime we can, giving good reason and helpful direction so the artist can grow.


Our sponsored artists’ projects are always financed up front. Our artists are never charged a dime, and they always retain 100% ownership of their art. We are able to do this because all of our projects are 100% backed by patrons, fans, friends, and family.

Are you an artist? Maybe we can partner up! Fill out our artist form