Naomi Bernice Dieterle Memorial Fund

 Naomi Bernice Dieterle

Naomi Dieterle, whom most of us knew affectionately as “Mema,” faithfully represented the godly and generous widow to all of us here at the Nehemiah Foundation. She was visibly lit up with enthusiasm when she hand-delivered her donation to the Foundation every month, and she also eagerly supported our artistic work as much as she was able. In her life, as well as in her death, Mema embodied what it meant to fight for the faith.

The Nehemiah Foundation is honored to be able to receive memorial donations for Mema on the behalf and at the request of the family. May Mema’s memory and her legacy grow only brighter as the years roll on.

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 In the contemporary church, it is rare for gifted Christian artists to get the resources or training they need to present polished works of relevant art. When an artist lacks the free time or financial resources to perfect his craft and properly execute his ideas, his work will either be unfinished, unfocused, underdeveloped, or unpolished. This creates a vicious cycle. The artist cannot prove he is worthy of the church’s resources and support because he doesn’t have the resources and support necessary to prove his artistic worth.

Make no mistake: when the temple needed restoring, it was the congregation’s money that went into the hands of the artists and artisans to pay for their materials and living expenses (e.g., 2 Kings 12:11f; 2 Chron. 34:8f). The church paid the salaries of musicians, skilled carpenters, and sculptors. Without faithful financial patronage from the church, Christian art cannot and will not progress. The financing of Christian artists cannot be left to the market. The market will not support uncompromisingly well-crafted presentations of God’s convicting truth.

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