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We hope to help Christians better understand the crucial role of arts and entertainment in the world today and to embrace our position, as Christians, of care for each other and for our culture. Join the conversation by exploring the platforms below.
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Has God Really Called You to be an Artist?

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Renew the Arts is regularly asked how we decide which Christian artists we support. Our criteria are actually quite inclusive:

  1. You profess Christ as your Savior and your life does not obviously contradict that profession.
  2. You believe you are called by God to be an artist or artisan.
  3. We believe your art is not likely to be served by the current art market.
  4. We believe we are able to provide something to you that you can’t provide yourself (e.g., production assistance, studio space, materials, etc.).

If you meet those four criteria and you want our assistance, we will do everything we can to support you in the way we think will best serve your art, benefit the church at large, and steward our limited resources.

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Check out our Resources Page

If you have a group of people wanting to learn more, we’d be happy to make it out to an event in order to share our vision and passion. If you’re ready for such an event, please contact us directly.
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