Warbler is the brainchild of Oakland singer/songwriter Sean Sullivan. His first project, Drone Hooligan, was a relaxing folk offering with deep grooves and subtle builds. His second project, the self-titled Warbler, has some of the same folk elements as Drone Hooligan, but indicates a definite maturation of musicianship and lyricism. It is as if the comfortable folk sound has been set on fire … now there is an urgency and necessity.

When you hear the name Warbler, think of a folk-programmed bionic song-bird perched with joyful simplicity on the fresh rubble of a musical Apocalypse. Warbler’s self-titled album, the second effort of singer/songwriter Sean Sullivan, is an enjoyably off-putting cocktail of pure organic spirit set on electric fire. If you like milk-toast music that leaves you with a vague sense of spiritual connectedness and personal well-being, Warbler is going to hurt. Real good.” 

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