Micah Stout

Brief Bio

In his brief 32-year assignment here on earth, Micah Stout wrote nearly 200 songs, in which you will find wildly varied genres earnestly employed for a single purpose: the honor of Christ.

Very few songwriters have the genius Micah had for crafting rugged melodies married to convicting (and convicted) lyrics. His songs are simple, but they are not simplistic—the more you dig, the more you will discover. His music richly rewards the listener in song and spirit, much like Micah himself blessed those who knew him with his earnestness and zeal.

Micah Stout was a builder—of buildings, of songs, and of people. Without affectation, and certainly without reservations, he brought the truth to bear: humorous but not frivolous, intelligent but not pretentious, sparse but not impoverished, accessible but not trifling, prescriptive but not pharisaical, emotive but not mawkish, unexpected but not unwelcome. Micah poured his life and lessons into his music—a legacy that has already yielded and promises to continue yielding fruit.

Without Reservations

His first record, Without Reservations, was released posthumously. As per his instructions, fifty percent of proceeds of the album go to his widow and six children. Fifty percent go toward forwarding the goals of the Foundation, goals he himself embraced in life.