According to His Excellent Greatness

The Practice of Aesthetics for Christians Today

About the Book

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder, or are there objective standards we can use to discern what art we should endorse and create? If there are no standards for art, why would God tell us through David that He desires our artistic praise to be according to His excellent Greatness” (Ps. 150:2)?

According to His Excellent Greatness: The Practice of Aesthetics for Christians Today is a practical and foundational overview of what the Bible has to say about the arts. Whether you are an artist or a consumer, this book has something to offer. It explores the biblical foundations for aesthetics, provides biblical principles for judging art, outlines the Christian artist’s responsibility to pursue excellence in craft and content, and explains how the church has lost (and can reclaim) her rightful and central place in the arts.

The audiobook version of According to His Excellent Greatness is read by the author, Michael Minkoff, Jr., with a Foreword and Afterword by Mike Minkoff, Sr.—the author’s father and co-founder of the Nehemiah Foundation for Cultural Renewal. The text version of the book is replete with footnotes and copious biblical proof texts that are not included in the audiobook.

We hope this book encourages and edifies you. It is our privilege to work with you to praise God in the arts according to His excellent greatness!

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