Fifty years ago, the most common complaint about the church from unbelievers was, “The church is wrong.” Now, a rising generation has a different complaint: “The church is ugly.”

Today, the world’s most effective campaign against the church is not intellectual. It’s cultural. Therefore, the church’s most pressing battle rages not in the minds of Christians, but in their hearts.

Most young people in the church know the right things and can give the right answers. The main problem is that they don’t love the right things. Their hearts are constantly being trained in a different direction, by a very persuasive teacher: the world’s art.

The rapid growth of information technologies has connected modern Christians instantly to a world of art, much of which entices their hearts to love what the world loves. Sunday might provide a sermon or two, but the rest of the week is filled with movies that train young men how to view sexuality, photographs that train young women how to understand beauty, songs that teach young people the meaning of love, novels that convince them they can be good without God, and advertisements that train us all where to place our value and how to spend our time and money.

The church must reevaluate the power of art and start supporting her excellent artists and their worthwhile projects.

That’s why the Nehemiah Foundation’s mission is to rally support for Christian artists, facilitate the creation of excellent art, hone the church’s involvement in culture, and reach the lost with the beauty of the Gospel.